Other Supportive Services

Pharmacodynamics studies

In addition to conducting the actual xenograft studies, the Laboratory also provides a range of supporting services, including determination of maximum tolerated dosage (MTD), acute and subacute toxicities, including:

• Dose determining studies
• Acute toxicity testing.
• Simple MTD and Step-up Step Down assays.
• Short and long-term multiple dosage studies.
• Identification of target organs.

In vivo development of tumor lines from cell lines

Commercial or laboratory-developed cell lines that hardly grow subcutaneously in mice have a better chance to grow in the subrenal capsule site. We provide a complete service for establishing transplantable tumor lines from cell lines.

Xenograft service

Subrenal capsule xenografting
Orthotopic xenografting
Subcutaneous xenografting

Histological services

Tissue processing and paraffin block generating
Paraffin section cutting
Standard H&E staining
Standard immunohistochemistry staining

For details, please contact us by email: [email protected] or phone: 604-675 -8013